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Your inspiration to overcoming this scourge in our society. By you healing you can help another.  
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What the centre has to offer
What Peter has to offer
Why choose Peter to work in a one on one or in a workshop environment.

What Peter has to offer

Hello. I'm Meta-psychologist Peter Jordaan. Meta psychology is in my opinion the only way to work with a human being - for the human being is a mind , body and soul. When I work with you I bring in all three. That is why I get such good results.   I'm an experienced Meta-Psychologist, Business Coach & Counsellor, Teacher & Healer. I have been coaching for a long time. It's my calling. And I've had the honour of working with hundreds of great people, some from overseas, helping them move forward in their lives and careers and achieve some amazing things.  
To my life meta-psychologist practice I bring compassion, optimism, integrity, creativity, intuition, practicality, my deep knowledge of the workings of  the human psyche, all my meta-psychology, coaching and business skills, and a lifetime of experience. Over the years I've been; an entrepreneur, a trader, a builder (part time), a manager, a consultant, a treasurer of a large bank and a large government parastatal, a risk manager, an auditor, a dad, a husband, health and fitness enthusiast, a canoe racer, a spiritual seeker, and student of life. Looking back now, it seems all my life experiences were important, and in some way led me to psychology.  They also allow me to better support and assist my clients. 
I'm very grateful for the opportunities and experiences I've had. It hasn't always been easy, but in my years in business I ended up achieving far more than I thought was possible when I started out. 
In my meta-psychology practice, I now do what I truly love. There is no better way to work with people when you can connect the mind body and spirit and work with your client to achieve wonders. And I really enjoy seeing the transition happen before me eyes of my clients and they get the insights and are inspired to do more than they thought possible.
Personally, I am involved with Linda and she feels like a soul mate and is the person I most want to share my life with. Together we are the proud parents of five delightful children, four adults and one young man. And I am lucky enough to live in the most beautiful and wonderful part of the world with family, friends and a community that are very important to me. 

What I Do

What I do for a living, is to help people find their strengths and passions, become inspired, believe in themselves, stay focused, and really go after their biggest dreams.  I have also helped people get over there diseases in ways they never thought possible. Some have said that certain diseases are not curable – well I have managed to cure lots of them and if not cured they are substantially better.
I have achieved methodologies that can heal diabetes, depression, stress, rape, molestation, stomach problems, heart problems etc in a way that no one else in the country can do. This is a unique service and achievement. Think what then, can be achieved for you.
Over 27 years of business, and through my volunteer work, coaching, counselling, and workshops, I've had the pleasure of helping many hundreds of people overcome challenges and live happier, more abundant lives.  It is the most rewarding work I've ever done.  If you are interested, here's how I came to do what I do.

My Story

It's often said that a good life is the enemy of a great life.  I started my early life in the trading world, trading every kind on financial instrument possible. peter4I worked my way up until I was a Chief Trader of one of the major banks in South Africa. Then became a Treasurer and moved to become a Treasurer of one of the countries major Parastatal's (government agency).
Thereafter I got involved in auditing, consulting and risk management in the financial services and other related industries. Life was great, hectic and busy. Friends were great, work was great, money was great. But somehow there was still something that did not quiet fill what it was that I needed. Then I decided to do further studies into psychotherapy and spirituality and spent a lot of time studying Rudolph Steiner’s Books on the spiritual make up of man, the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit, and how the human psyche works. I combined that with the teachings of the energetic bodies of the human body, mind and spirit, and the interrelatedness as well as the methodologies of doing healing using these energetic systems.
Now many people see these as two totally different worlds. I discovered the huge overlap that many management consultants unconsciously try to bridge the gap between the business world and each person’s spiritual growth and development. All sorts of babble is used with lots of technical names etc by these guys. When you learn the basic make up of every person, how each of us operate, then you combine this with a business model, you have a formulae that is potent and magical. You can then use this everywhere in your life and have a wonderful life like you are supposed to. That is what you came here to do.
Back to healing. At round about this time I suddenly lost the use of my eyes and generated a serious infection that even cortisone was unable to heal. I was beyond what normal medicine could do for me. I was starting to go blind. I applied the teachings on myself and did heal my eyes completely within a very short period of time. That taught me that anything in life is possible. If I can do it so can you.
I then discovered the technologies that I use today to do meta-psychological work with people to facilitate natural healing of sexual abuse survivors and so called incurable diseases. Working with this a bit and developing it further I found that I could use this technology in every field of coaching, counselling and healing. I consistently got good results. Recently I have expanded it into working with kids who have been labelled A.D. D. and A.D.H.D. and found that I can help them also overcome this false labelling, in most cases.
peter6This technology enables me to work very quickly with clients and get to the root cause of problems. It is never necessary to go into years of detail of the client’s life. That just wastes time and energy. Once at root cause we bring about healing and we empower the client to resolve further issues themselves easily. If they are stuck then they are welcome to come back for a further session. Typical number of counselling sessions (in hours) with a client range between 6 and 10 hours.
The idea of helping others connect to what they really are, overcome their limitations, and create fulfilling lives and careers aligned to their gifts and passions – is something I just know is right for me and this is what I am meant to do.
I love business. I love being an entrepreneur. I love being a developer, a pioneer. But at heart I am a meta-psychologist, a coach, a teacher, a counsellor and a healer and my greatest love is helping others learn, grow and live their dreams and be free.  I am an avid student of the wisdom traditions, developmental psychology, positive psychology and emotional intelligence. I love helping others grow and live full and meaningful lives. By striving to be really good at what I do, I get to live my dream, and help others to move their lives from good to great.


My Outlook on being a Meta-psychologist / Life Counsellor / Coach 

peter8I love teaching, well some call it coaching, others call it counselling and yet others call it healing. For me it is just passing on what the client needs most to get on. It allows me to use my gifts and all my business and life-skills training and experience, and make a difference in people's lives. I really enjoy working with my Clients, and admire their determination to make the changes required to get the results they want.
I also believe that we all have unique skills and talents. And it is deeply rewarding to coach Clients to discover what they can really get excited about, and then help them apply their own special gifts - in their businesses and personal lives. I greatly appreciate the trust my Clients put in me.
I love to help people grow, re-discover their dreams,   and create more value, wholeness, abundance and peace in their lives. I think we all have a purpose, here on earth, and that is to develop and grow, I love to help people find their own development and empower themselves.
I consider myself very fortunate to have had the personal and business experiences I've had. In business I am proud of the many ventures I've been a part of. Personally, I really enjoy my family life, and along the way I have had some great adventures including; hiking in the Drakensberg and other mountains, travelling in southern Africa and South America. I have also ridden elephants in Thailand, scuba-dived in the sea off Thailand and off the coast of South Africa. I grew up in Zambia as a child and finished schooling and studying in South Africa. To me it all forms part of who I am, and what I have to offer to you.

My Outlook on Life

I view life as a journey, rather than a destination. And it's a journey that changes us all. To the extent that we get in touch with, and honour, our deepest values, that journey will be fulfilling. In my practice I often tell the story of the young Russian Soldier manning a lonely guard post at a country crossroad.  When the soldier is startled out of his night vigil by someone approaching his checkpoint, he leaps forth and shouts: "Halt". "Who are you?" "Where are you going?" and "How are you getting there?" 
The stranger turns out to be the village priest, who is quickly recognized. Yet rather than accepting the soldier's apologies, the priest offers to pay the young man 30 roubles to ask those same questions every day.
The point of the story is that if you have answers to these questions, you are attending well to your life. At its deepest level, "Who are you?" inquires as to why you are here on this earth?  "Where are you going?" inquires into the vision you have for your life, or how you are going to use the gifts of time and talent you have. "How are you getting there?" inquires into your calling, the next step, or the best path forward.
Answering these questions for your life can provide a great deal of clarity, inspiration and a much greater sense that you are living the life you are meant to live. 
For me, as relates to the "Who" question - I believe I am here to learn, love, laugh and be of service.  As to the "Where Are You Going" question - I am committed to help make a more inspired world through coaching.  As to the "How" - I coach, teach and lead people to find their inspiration.
I don't claim to have all the answers. That's not what coaching is about. But if you are ready to make some positive changes in your life -- and you choose to work with me -- I will be dedicated to help you get the results you want and find the answers that add the most value to your life.
Feel free to call me at +27 11 478 2633 and I will be happy to answer any questions. You can also e-mail me at peter@iempowerself.com
My web site contains lots of information that may be of assistance to you, feel free to browse around. You will find it here http://www.molestation.co.za/index.html
If the hyperlink does not work just copy the web link into your browser and it will take you to the web site.
All the best,



Why Choose Meta-Psychologist Peter?

If you are considering working with a coach, here's some information about me that will help you make a great decision.  
To my clients I bring who I am and all I've done, which includes:
Years of Experience - Peter is one of the most senior, well-known and trusted professionals in the why_choose_petermeta-psychologist, coaching, counselling and healing industry. 
Fully Trained - Leadership, coaching skills, understanding how we all work and how to use it properly has enabled an edge that few can match, positive psychology and emotional intelligence trainer to individuals and companies.
Great Business Knowledge - 30 years in business, management, risk management, trading and leadership positions, started one company, consulted to two of the biggest banks in South Africa for a period of ten years. 
Coaching and Counselling for Results – Peter has a policy of, if I can’t sort out the problem in six to eight sessions then no one can. So far it has held.
Creativity and compassion.  My clients often describe me as warm and insightful, gentle but focused, with great practical experience and an ability to call forth their very best.  I could do many other things.  I teach because I love to make a difference in people's lives.
Integrity. Period. No hype or big sales pitches. I believe good teaching sells itself and I stand behind my work.
Applying the Art and Science of Optimal Human Change
Peter applies the principle of knowing yourself and understanding how he works. Using these wisdom's he has been able to develop technologies and teachings that have propelled him to be able to solve many so called incurable problems such as Sexual Abuse, Depression, Diabetes, ADD & ADHD, Migraines etc. He is a long time student of applied developmental meta-psychology, positive psychology, somatic coaching, emotional Intelligence, and the best of Western and Eastern wisdom traditions.    
Called to Serve - Coaching and Counselling is Peter’s calling. He loves to engage individuals in more compelling conversations that inspire them to play much bigger games, make more money and live more full, meaningful, and happy lives.  He believes engaged, fully expressed people leading purposeful lives have a big impact on the world. Also, as he believes teaching is the most powerful agent of positive human change.
Satisfaction Guarantee. Nobody has to sign any contracts or give any long-term commitments when they choose to work with me. If you don't see significant benefits immediately, you can quit with no questions asked. 
If you are seriously considering working with a coach, please feel free to call me, I would love to talk with you, and then you can decide if there is value for you in my teaching.
You can reach me at  peter@iempowerself.com  or call
27 11 478 2633 or on cell 27 82 855 4793  We can even arrange a Skype Session - to arrange please contact us.
My web site contains lots of information that may be of assistance to you, feel free to browse around. You will find it here
If the hyperlink does not work just copy the web link into your browser and it will take you to the web site.
All the best







Peter                                                          Linda

When Peter and Linda decided to build the Centre we had several things in mind.
First it was to become a place where people could come to that are seeking for something bigger, better and that they can make a contribution to the upliftment of the planet. But as we all know that before you can make a contribution to the world in terms of healing you first have to heal yourself i.e., empower your self. That is how we finally got to the name for the centre “Self Empowerment and Development Centre” So now we have a name that also spells out our vision and mission statement.
Second that we could offer teaching’s that would release the struggling souls to realise that they can be free of the internal strife and anguish, disease, stress, anger, anxiety, abuse (in all its forms) etc etc and so the list can go on and on.

So we now we have done the building and opening ceremonies and we have to move on to the next phase and get the show on the road.

 Lets first introduce our selves and say why you should choose to come and work with us.

Next we would like to tell you about what is on at the centre. We are expanding our exposure to the market place more and more resulting in many more activities happening here. So please look here to find out more.

Well as you may or may not know that one of the functions that we offer here is what we like to call “Soul Psychology”. This is offered by both Peter and Linda. Here we work with the Soul of all our clients and as a result we achieve many remarkable healings that many consider impossible or that it goes against modern institutional thinking – well these stories and then make up your own mind.

So then we get to the Centre’s purpose and we created a kind of combined vision and mission statement about it. You can view it here. In the process we want to invite  Practitioners to come and work with us, for the more feet we get through the door that come for healing of some sort then the more exposure they get to possible learning’s and discoveries and then the more exposure we get to teach. We like to call it “reciprocity” in this way it becomes a win win for all.

In order for reciprocity to work for us and other practitioners, we would like to encourage other disciplines to come and teach, coach, counsel, heal, treat the body in what ever way you offer here. This way we all get exposure and open ourselves up to many possibilities not only for us but for our clients.
We have a big lecture room that can accommodate up to a maximum 50 people at a time. This room can be used for many things and we are exploring the possibilities constantly with the eye on gaining greater exposure, diversity and getting a multi disciplinary support structure going.   We have three other meeting, consulting, healing rooms available as well. For details on what all is available and costs please look here;

Below are some pictures that give you an idea of what it is that we offer. But please do come and see us, we would love to meet with you and get to know you and see what it is that we can put together.
This is what the outside of the Centre looks like. Attached to it is the Lapa where we have our teas and coffee and meals. It is a big open air place and over looks the pool and the garden. We often sit here and just watch the birds come and drink from the bird bath. We have a rich bird life here. You will be rewarded by the many bird call sounds in the garden.

centre4centre5Below is what the main conference /lecture / meeting / cinema / workshop room looks like. It is light and very quiet. It is designed and fitted out as a conference, meeting, and workshop room. There are 3 white boards and 10 other hanging boards to display your workshop material from. It has a good variety of lighting methodologies that you may require. There are many power sources available in the room. It has a tiled floor, ideal to do many activities on.

If you want a good restaurant food we have one just 70 meters down the road. They are well known and many people come from far to eat here. It has a carvery as a ale carte menu. Parking is secure with a constant presence. It is inside the ring road and has easy access to the high ways. Please look at the venue for hire page for more details.

If you have any queries please contact us – See contact tab to the left. Thanks.