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Your inspiration to overcoming this scourge in our society. By you healing you can help another.  
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    Standard University Degree text books - which stimulated but also limited my thinking. The limited side is reflected in the world at this time - in that we have massive financial problems, health problems, social problems, irresponsible government, in fact the fabric of society is being tested now. I chose to move and think beyond what was taught to me. My work has reflected to me what is possible beyond what limited thinking was taught to me.. My thinking has resulted in what is on this web site. Thanks for taking the time to peruse it.
    • The Internet. I have accessed so many pages of information on all walks of life for information to help me in my practice. It would be unfair to single out just a few for referral – for from many sites I have just taken in, as input and others I have copied just a paragraph or a sentence or two. From others I have taken a bit more but never the entire bit offered – for each one has their own bit of something special. I thank You from my Heart