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Your inspiration to overcoming this scourge in our society. By you healing you can help another.  
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A SUPPORT GROUP for the sexual abuse Survivor is an essential part of the healing process. We use the SUPPORT GROUP meetings as a teaching and processing ground to facilitate further education and healing for the Survivor.. We have found that running support group meetings to be the most effective way to bring about long term healing.

One of the main benefits for the survivor is for them to realise that the problems they face are in many ways similar to others. The group dynamics facilitate incredible fast learning for all participants. Once realised this propels the support group members to levels not easily attained in a one on one counselling session.  

The support group meetings are biased towards those that have done the workshop as they would have regained their PERSONAL POWER and we would be building upon that. Non workshop Survivors may attend, but they may find that they struggle a bit. We do recommend that the workshop is attended by all attending the support group, they would benefit immensely fro it. The meetings are focused on the reconstruction phase where we pass on life skills and healing in other parts of their lives.

SUPPORT GROUP meeting are held every Tuesday night at the centre at 19h00. Normally for about 2 to 2.5 hours.

We have a list of topics that we work on every Tuesday evening. These are rotated on a continuous basis enabling the Survivor to work on various issues of their choice. If they miss one they can always catch up later. Here is a sample of some of the topics discussed and worked on;

  • Boundaries – the why, when and how – this skill is essential.
  • Anger Management – how to control and mange it
  • Forgiveness and manifestation – how and why this is necessary
  • Feelings – many survivors are cut off from there feelings
  • Loving yourself and your body – this is very hard but a necessary skill – essential
  • Intimacy and the linkages to Trust – a very sensitive subject
  • Sex and Relationships – how does this all work – what is normal?
  • Children and Parenting – a big subject on its own
  • Families of Origin – living within this environment where the abuse occurred
  • Partners and supporters of Survivor – what they need to know to support you

Details of Support Group calender

Starting times are at 19h00 ending at approximately 21h30.

Please bring your note book, although we try and make it as experiential as possible. This way you learn best.

Tea and coffee is supplied at the beginning of the evening.

There is a fee payable per evening of R200.00

Please contact us to let us know you are coming for catering purposes.

For workshop details click here.

For INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING details click here. For those that live far away we also offer telephone and Skype counselling.

Our sister web site has lots of information on other forms of counselling, coaching, Universal Laws, disease and the body etc.

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Look forward to interacting with you. Peter and Linda