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Your inspiration to overcoming this scourge in our society. By you healing you can help another.  
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Is FEAR keeping you stuck from moving forward with your life or your business?

Struggling with procrastination?

Feeling frustrated because you know what you should do and you just don't do it?

Learn How To Transform Your Fear Into POWER

Using our unique quick method
Why is the topic of breaking through fear a passion of mine? I've been on the front lines of feeling overwhelmed by fear. I know what it's like to have my fears and beliefs sabotage my dreams. From my own personal experience and successes with my clients, I know that helping people change their relationship with fear is part of my life purpose. If that's happening to you, I can help you.

Had enough?

Transform Your Fear Into POWER

Most of us have one or more core issues or challenges which surface repeatedly over the course of our lives. These issues are usually rooted in deep unexpressed fears. Depending on your perspective, core issues either cause all sorts of problems, or present many opportunities for transformation. When you choose to look at core issues as an opportunity, you are much more likely to transform your fears into learning tools which lead to a better life. Below are the most common core issues, their related fears, and suggestions for dealing with them.

Most of us carry some of these Common Core Issues and Associated Fears in some form or another

  • Abandonment – Nobody loves me, cares about me. I'm all alone. I don't matter. I am not important.
  • Arrogance – To defend myself or to make me feel more important, I state or play out that I'm better than all of you. I'm too much. I'm right and you're wrong.
  • Damaged – I am not good enough, I am not worthy, Something is wrong with me. I'm a failure. I'm damaged.
  • Inferiority – I'm not good enough. I'm stupid. I'm worthless. I'm boring. I'm hopeless. I am pathetic.
  • Rejection – It is my fault. I'm a burden. I'm unwanted. Nobody wants to spend time with me. Nobody likes me. Nobody loves me.
  • Shame – I'm bad. It was my fault. I'm evil. I'm a mistake. I'm a monster. I'm disgusting. I'm possessed. What will the others think. What will my parents think

Our fear issues often originate during our growing up years in family scenarios. There are so many examples that it will take books to write. They can be a result of negative messages or events that were repeated many times to us by our parents or other significant people in our lives. If an event or message is repeated often enough we start to believe that it is true about ourselves. Our subconscious mind takes in all these belief systems and then plays it out in our lives, later on in life.

We play out these fears or belief systems in many ways. We often call it defence mechanisms. Some like to call it “over compensators”. If you are in this category, you may unconsciously do everything you can to make it appear as if you are anything but your core issue. For instance, someone with inferiority as a core fear might outwardly appear or act very macho or be domineering. Yet deep inside, this is covering up a fear of being inferior. In another instance , a person dealing with shame may be overly nice and giving to cover up a fear that they are really bad. These are but examples to show you how different kinds of fear can play out in your life.

Examples of Behaviours of Defence Mechanisms or Over Compensators

  • Abandonment – Always need to be included, join everything to avoid deeper feelings.
  • Arrogance – Act very humble, hiding their deeper belief that no one can match them.
  • Damaged – Present themselves as always great, avoid talking about their problems.
  • Inferiority – Macho, domineering, need to prove they are better than others.
  • Rejection – Present themselves as incredibly desirable, yet reject others easily.
  • Shame – Overly nice and giving. Over competency. Secretly fear being exposed as fraud.

Whether you use a defence mechanism such as these or you find that you over compensate, by exploring the deep, underlying fears of your fears, you can transform your life for the better. Often it is that we have more than one dominant fear issue in our lives, but usually one will be more prominent than the others. It is usually best to start with the main fear. Once mastered then move on to the lesser fears. Often these fears are completely irrational. 

The Techniques We Apply To Overcome Fears.

  • WE start with the knowing that the fear is in the body somewhere. We ask for you to identify it and tell us by way of a gesture with your hands how it feels to you.
  • WE use the symbology of this gesture to help us identify what is going on. Normally and event suddenly pops out from within the subconscious.
  • WE use this opportunity to identify the belief systems taken on during this event by the client. We explain where these then play out in your life. This is normally quiet enlightening.
  • WE display and re-enact the event to make sure that what we have got is correct. We then apply techniques to dissolve the fears. At all times the client is safe and contained.

This is normally quiet astounding for the client and is very transformative in nature. We undo the belief systems at the same time. The client’s fear is always transformed.

New Belief Systems That We Suggest The Client Uses for each particular fear related case

  • Abandonment – I am worthy of love. I can find ways to safely share myself with others.
  • Arrogance – I can learn from all around me. I can see goodness in everyone I meet.
  • Damaged – I am whole and complete just as I am. I can choose to love all of me.
  • Inferiority – I am a good, valuable person. I can make meaningful contributions to the world.
  • Rejection – I am an attractive, interesting person. People can enjoy getting to know me.
  • Shame – I can be gentle with myself. I can hold the best intentions for all deep in my heart.

Use these to generally support you.

  • I use my divine essence to truly accept myself and all around me
  • I use my divine essence to assist me in connecting with myself and all around me in a heart felt way

At the root of all of these fears is normally a lack of acceptance and a deep feeling of being disconnected, whether it be from ourselves, from others, from our spiritual nature, or from any combination of these.

Fear is one of the most debilitating emotions any one can deal with. It is often very frightening to even go there. Using our safe and unique methodologies, the client normally resolves the fear issue/s quiet easily.

They come back in different forms to revisit
Don't be surprised if after having a significant breakthrough in transforming a fear, you eventually find the same issue rearing its ugly head again in a different form. This is common. For each fears normally has many different facets of the same issue. Once the first one is overcome the others tend to flow rather easily as well. Most people find that transforming fear through working with their core issues is like peeling away layers of an onion. You make a significant breakthrough, only to eventually find the same issue manifesting in another, more subtle form. Yet as each layer is peeled away, you will very likely find your life to be richer, more meaningful, and more enjoyable than it was before.

By identifying and choosing to deal with our core issues, we transform our deepest fears and end up feeling more alive and more connected with ourselves and with those around us. This then inspires us to participate more fully and effectively in building a brighter future for all of us.

Keys to Transformation

  1. You can only transform what you own. If there is any facet of any situation that you do not own your share of, then how can you transform it?
  2. You can only transform in the now moment. You cannot transform in your past and you cannot transform in your future. You can only transform in your now moment - and the paradox of course is that when you choose transformation in your now moment, you automatically transform your past and your future.
  3. You can only transform while you are in the emotion of the fear or pain, because that is where your power lies. You usually make your day-to-day decisions based on logic and experience, but when you’re in the grip of a very strong emotion, your logic usually flies out the window!
  4. You can only create transformation by total acceptance. That is, embrace the child within (or the frightened ego) who has created the undesired reality you’re experiencing. Embrace the situation and the co-creators and look for the gift within this situation. If you have trouble finding the gift, remind yourself that no matter what the situation is, it’s an opportunity to be become more of who you really are!

If you are a Sexual Abuse Survivor we suggest that you first work with your fears before trying to address the sexual abuse, molestation or rape issues. These are best on a one on one if you feel uncomfortable being in a group workshop setting.


Meditative Work to Transform Fear
© 2003 Corinne McLaughlin

  • Begin your meditation by aligning with your soul or higher self and with the great Masters and Teachers of humanity.
  • Visualize white light pouring in through the top of your head to cleanse and balance your mind.
  • Become mentally detached from the emotional aspect of fear--observe, rather than suppress or inhibit the fear.
  • Visualize a flow of love to calm your emotions—love and fear cannot co-exist in the same psychic space as they are different vibrations.
  • Control your imagination so that paranoia doesn’t take hold and start expanding what is feared.
  • Invoke the fire of courage to strengthen you.
  • Trust that you are being inwardly guided by your soul and nothing can happen except what is ultimately for the best.
  • Realize the true issues at stake and develop a willingness to learn from whatever happens.
  • Meditate on how every experience can lead to increased knowledge and development, and greater usefulness in service.
  • Explore the deeper origins of your fears so that fear will not rule your life.
  • Practice acting “as if” you are unafraid and soon this will become the reality.
  • Close with an affirmation to strengthen you, such as: “I trust God to guide me in all times and situations so I can relax and be a channel for God’s love and wisdom.”