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Your inspiration to overcoming this scourge in our society. By you healing you can help another.  
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Peter who has worked with over 360 sexually abused women and men successfully in the last 18 months. Many say that it is very daunting to work with a man in such a sensitive area, but once they have gone through it, they say "WOW I was abused by a man and now I can get healing from a man. I did not know that was possible!!!! I have completely CHANGED MY LIFE AND AM NOW FINALLY ENJOYING A GOOD HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN. Even though you may be scared, I highly recommend it" Many say that, you owe it to yourself. Just try, you will be amazed.


Below are some of the more common psychological effects on the Survivor. Please understand that all of these effects below can and are continuously overcome as we work with many survivors. You can resolve these too for your Self. Using our special techniques, it is much faster and more effective than you think. Beat the negative effect on your life. Try us for fast effective results.

I have to keep it a secret and been told that if I don’t keep quiet about it then the perpetrator is going to do something bad to someone (like kill Mom) that I love and so I have to protect MOM and keep the secret. (the secret eats away at the victim over time)

It shows up in their inability to TRUST in life and trust others, especially with men if they were the perpetrator.

It shows up in lack of Personal Power, Self Esteem
It show up in how you feel about life or generally in your feelings. Many shut down their ability to feel.
It shows up in your sexuality
It shows up in your feminity / masculinity

It shows up or your inability to express your feelings or even to allow yourself to feel

It shows up in the denial of yourself in some way.

In the process of you trying to cope you do many things.
It shows up in how you see yourself / your place in society
It shows up in your body often as disease. The range of dis-eases can be but certainly not limited to depression, cancer, sexual problems, feminity problems etc.
It shows up in your intimacy as avoidance, frigidity, fear, and pain etc.
It shows up in with your children and parenting them
It shows up in your immediate family and relationships – it affects everyone over time. Successful relations - what is that?
It shows up in your trust of authority and/or trust of males/females
It shows up as an inability to set boundaries

Often the survivor is angry at the opposite sex of them selves.

Life is often just a struggle, partners are often abusive, what happened in childhood seems to repeat itself in adult hood.

Often there are money problems often due to a low sense of self esteem.

See Client Success Stories of women who have been through our healing process.

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Imagine freeing yourself from any of the above and being able to engage in and enjoy life (as you are supposed to) - that is what we do and we are good at it. Try Us. Call us now on +27 (0)11 478 2633. Don't chew on it - just do it. You will be amazed. Many say it is the best thing that they ever did for themselves, often wonder why did they wait so long.