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Your inspiration to overcoming this scourge in our society. By you healing you can help another.  
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Lets START with the understanding that sexual abuse can be transformed into personal power i.e. you break emotionally free from this prison that permeates every facet of your life. Many women have done it, so can you. Or put it another way, if you put as much effort into your healing as what you did trying to cope up to now with it all, it will be a cinch.

There are five main basic stages to UNLOCKING YOUR SEXUAL ABUSE INTO PERSONAL POWER. Within each there are many sub sections. We take you through each stage in detail so that you fully understand it and its impact on you.

First stage - discover where all in your life does this event play out and how it has subconsciously affects everything. You will be amazed at its full effect. Just this discovery is the beginning of your healing process.

Second stage - deal with the shame / anger / guilt / or it is your fault that you carry. Every survivor carries some aspect of these.

Third stage - reclaim your identity and take back your power from the perpetrator and those who were not there to protect you when this happened to you.

Fourth stage - learn about boundaries, the application thereof and why they are crucial in protecting yourself. This naturally leads on to the next stage about you expressing your feelings. Both of these are really important stages.

Fifth stage - learning about feelings and how they work in you, learning to express your feelings, learn how to incorporate your feelings as part of your boundary setting and understanding why the expression thereof is fundamental to you. Every survivor struggles in this department. We teach and encourage you and eventually end up laughing about it.

If you are interested thereafter, and once you have discovered your own power, we can teach you how relationships should function, what is a balanced relationship and how it should be. You will look back with dismay at what you thought was a normal relationship and what you thought that you had to accept.

The rate of progress through these stages is entirely up to you. With some it is rapid and others it is much slower. The crucial thing is that you determine your own pace - that is our policy.

This web site has lots of information about sexual abuse to assist you, feel free to read as much as you like. The web site evolved as a result of the many experiences we have had with clients. It comes with love and experience.


This goes with out saying. We are extremely aware of the sensitivity you have around this event in your life. In most cases we are often one of the few people that are told about this event and how you have kept it a secret. That secret is SAFE with us!!


Sexual abuse is a specialist field. Lets not beat about the bush. It needs a special approach. Many therapists just simply don't know how to deal with this in the most effective way or just avoid it. WE specialize in it. We have hundreds of clients experience behind us.


Our many many clients have taught us over the years on how to transform this into personal power. We are eternally grateful to all of them. As a result we know what works and what does not. Our experience is reflected in our web site. You are in good safe hands.


There are two basic ways that you can work with us. The preferable route is in our offices in Randburg, Johannesburg (map). The second is via skype. Skype details here. We have clients all over the world that we deal with on this subject via skype.


THIS WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE THE BEST INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF EVER. Your investment is R350 per hour with us. Bank transfer or cash. We don't run accounts. We are open from 08h00 until 18h00 Monday - Friday. We do consult over weekends as well to accommodate those working or coming from far. Skype sessions are fitted in between and at night. You determine how often you want to consult as you need to balance breaking emotionally free from this prison to your budget. Obviously the more you do the quicker you become free and life becomes fun.


To phone and make an appointment CALL us on 011 478 2633. To email us here. To skype here


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Child development as well as sexual development

Child's position in the family - you will be amazed it the influence on your life

Client success stories - those that had gained enough healing and feel comfortable putting it up.

Contributing factors and stats on how many are sexually abused.

Defining sexual abuse

Discovering intimacy in your relationship

Discover working with your feelings


Indications of sexual abuse on a child.

LIfe cycles and human relations

Making it safe for your child

Partners and supporters of you

Reconstructing your life after healing

Sex and relationships

Your child has been abused - what now?

Mechanisms you used to cope with this ordeal

The process of healing


Transform your fears

Understanding the effects on you.

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Blessings on you and may your turn for healing come quickly!!